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Knowledge is power. Know your risks of developing common cancers and your body's adverse responses to certain drug therapies with Omni Genetics Complete DNA test. #KnowYourGenes

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Knowing your own genetic risk and makeup can help you choose a lifestyle that is better for your health. The Omni Genetics Complete DNA test is a non-invasive DNA test designed to assess your risk of developing different cancers and your body's response to certain cardiology, pain and psychiatry medication.

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FindDoctr & Omni Biotechnology have recently secured an undisclosed amount of funding, led by CFO & Shasta Capital's Managing Partner, Allie Ng, JD/MBA, to build out the teams and expand the operations to Asia.

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My mother had ovarian cancer and my father passed away from lung cancer. I knew I had an increased risk of hereditary cancer so I was really interested to learn more about my DNA as well as my risk. The test enabled me to learn more about my DNA and initiate conversations with my physicians and family members.

Thu Thai, CEO of FindDoctr

The tests have been useful for me, my family and physician to better understand our health. The earlier we know about our risks, the sooner we can do something about them. A test that can change your life! I highly recommend this test.

Lily Tran, PhD

We really wanted to make this DNA test available to everyone and open up the debate over genetic testing. Understanding your body’s genetic disposition to certain types of cancer as early as possible is essential to maintaining your overall health later in life.

Ernst R. Schwarz, MD

Early detection is the key and it also leads to higher survival rate. Everyone should get tested and know their genes!

Sabena Toor, MD

Pharmacogenomics test has helped both my patients and I in reviewing how their body metabolizes different type of drugs. Very useful test!

Alex Martin, MD

Wow! Thank you Omni Genetics test. I was taking some medications that had adversed effect on my body! My doctor and I reviewed the report together and we were glad we had the test done. The hereditary cancer test was also very informative.

Ingo Daniel

This was a great thing to have at our age (35-40). It gave us a clear indication of what things to be careful for and taught us better how to prepare for our health futures. This is an invaluable tool to allow you some control over the course of your health.

Huy Le

The test is really complete and it helped me so much in knowing everything about my genes. Now I'm able to make the right choices for my health. Omni Genetics impressed me on multiple levels.

Marquise Antonio

I always wanted to know my predisposition developing certain conditions while making sure my information is kept safe. Based on Omni Genetics’ health report I started to optimize my behaviour towards my health. I highly recommend Omni Genetics for anyone who is looking for a serious, safe and reliable genetic screening.

Britni Wicka

Omni’s test really helped me clear doubts I had about my health. Having a condition in my family history made me anxious. Luckily it turned out I don't carry the risk genes so I am more relaxed today. Thank to you!

Crystal Liang

Our Lab. CLIA-certified. CAP-accredited.

Our Lab is full of passionate people dedicated to bring you the most advanced technology in DNA Testing. With 15 years of experience in the field of DNA testing, our state-of-the-art laboratory is CLIA certified and CAP accredited!

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We have spared no expense in bringing you the best technology available. We use the patent-protected non-toxic sample collection kit to ensure the safety of your DNA and the purity of your test results. Inside our state-of-the-art laboratory, we use APEX (arrayed primer extension) technology for detecting SNPs, following the protocols and instrumentation provided by Genorama.

Privacy and Security

We value your privacy. Your DNA test results are yours and yours alone. All data is safely secured using the latest security measures with multiple levels of encryption. In addition, we use a barcode system to limit the number of personnel who can access your personal data.


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